How To Paint A Ceiling

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How To Paint A Ceiling

27 December 2022
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Painting a ceiling can give a room a fresh and clean look. If you don't paint your ceiling when you paint your walls, the room may not appear as clean as possible. Painting the ceiling can make the room brighter and appear larger, especially when you give it a fresh coat of white paint. If you aren't sure how to paint your ceiling properly, read on for some helpful tips to get the job done.

Tape Off Your Walls

Tape your walls with painter's tape to help prevent getting the ceiling paint on your walls. Painter's tape can help to give you a straight line across your walls. Apply the painter's tape about a 1/8th inch down your walls and keep the tape as straight as possible. This is to help give you a straight line and to fool the eye. If you try to paint along the line where your walls meet your ceiling, you may notice the areas where the ceiling sags and your line may not appear as straight. Using the tape will help to give you a faux straight line. 

Clean Your Ceiling

Clean your ceiling to remove cobwebs and dust to allow the paint to adhere better, and to give your ceiling a smooth finish when you have finished painting. Painting over the dust will only cause the paint to highlight these things, and your paint job will not be nearly as smooth. It's also just good practice to clean your ceiling or walls before you paint them. Use a mild detergent that has been diluted with water.

Apply The Paint

Apply the paint using ceiling paint, or flat or eggshell paint. Apply the paint by using an angled paintbrush to cut in around the edges of the room and then use a roller to paint the rest of the ceiling. Use a step ladder or scaffolding, if need be, to apply the paint with the paintbrush, then use a roller with a long handle to apply the paint with the roller. Use smooth, even strokes to prevent roller marks or drag marks. Apply the paint evenly to prevent the need to apply a second coat.

If you are going to be painting a room in your home, don't skip painting the ceiling. Paint the ceiling as well to give the room a fresh, clean, updated look. If you aren't thrilled about painting the ceiling, or even your walls, hire a professional painter to help you. 

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