Choose An Exterior Painter Who Preps The Job In This Way

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Choose An Exterior Painter Who Preps The Job In This Way

27 June 2022
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If you have wooden siding on your home and want to change its appearance, a new color of paint is a good solution to consider. The right color of paint on your dwelling can give it a like-new look and make it a focal point in your neighborhood. This won't likely be a job that you want to tackle yourself, however. The physical challenges of painting a home — particularly if it has two levels — should encourage you to hire a professional. You shouldn't have any trouble finding an exterior painting contractor in your area. Before you hire them, you'll want them to confirm that they'll prep your paint job in the following way.

Scraping And Sanding

If your home needs a few new coats of exterior paint, there's a good chance that the current paint is peeling in places. It's important to confirm that your painter will spend some time scraping and sanding the old paint off the wooden siding. Any scrupulous painter will complete this step, but it's always a good idea to discuss it before you hire the painter. An experienced painter knows that scraping and sanding the siding to remove flaked and loose particles of paint will create a solid surface on which to apply the new paint.


It's also important for your painting contractor to thoroughly wash the exterior of your home before painting it. Washing it after the scraping and sanding process will not only remove any small remaining particles of old paint, but will also eliminate dirt, grime, and mildew that have accumulated on the siding over the years. Painting over these things could cause the new paint to loosen prematurely, so it's important for the painter to wash all of the sidings that they'll be painting.


Your exterior painter should also confirm to you that they'll be taping off any parts of your home that they aren't painting. For example, if they're painting the siding, they should report that they'll be taping the trim around the windows and doors so that paint doesn't get onto these surfaces. While some experienced painters can paint without taping first, there's little doubt that taping is the best way to ensure that the paint only ends up where it's supposed to end up. Look on the internet to find an exterior painter in your area and contact them to discuss the job that you need to be done.