3 Surprising Tips To Help You Choose The Right Exterior Paint Color

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3 Surprising Tips To Help You Choose The Right Exterior Paint Color

27 May 2022
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Your home's exterior says a lot about your personal sense of style. The color of your home can even have a direct impact on its overall value.

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a simple and affordable way to update your home. Unfortunately, choosing an exterior paint color isn't always so simple.

Here are three surprising tips that can help you better determine which color will best complement your home's exterior.

1. Consider Other Exterior Elements

The last thing you want to do is select a paint color for your home's exterior, only to have that color make your home look worse.

You need to factor in all other exterior elements when selecting a paint color if you want to create a cohesive aesthetic. This means coordinating your new paint color with any existing fencing, deck or patio materials, and any storage sheds you have on your property.

Each of these exterior elements must complement one another if you want to maximize your home's curb appeal. By using your existing exterior elements as a guide, you can select a paint color that will help your home remain within the same color palette.

2. Avoid Printed Paint Samples

It is a common practice for homeowners to utilize paint samples when trying to select a new color for their home's exterior. If you are planning to use samples to help narrow down your selection, be sure that you use actual paint and not the printed samples that you can get from the manufacturer.

Printed samples can have slightly different tones or hues that alter their overall appearance. By creating your own sample cards using the actual paint color, you will be able to accurately compare various color options to choose the right paint for your property.

3. Evaluate Colors Under Varying Light Conditions

The amount of sunlight that reaches your home's exterior can have a direct impact on the way an exterior paint color looks. Once you have secured your paint samples, you should evaluate these samples under varying light conditions.

The goal is to find a color that maintains a consistent appearance in both direct and low light conditions. You may discover that the color you loved when it was sunny outside isn't as attractive when the sky becomes overcast.

Evaluating your color options under varying light conditions will ensure that you love your home's new exterior at all times.

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