Live On The Softer Side By Painting Your Interior Mint And Peach

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Live On The Softer Side By Painting Your Interior Mint And Peach

27 December 2021
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Are your interior walls desperate for a change? Are you burnt out on neutrals and looking for a way to dress up your interior without going too bold? If so, welcoming the soft shades of mint and peach into your interior will be a refreshing change you will not regret.

Mint and peach in the kitchen

If your love the look of a cozy cottage kitchen, mint and peach is a perfect pair to enhance a cottage kitchen. Paint kitchen walls peach and use mint for cabinets or trim. Mint and peach look best with off-white appliances but can also help soften the coolness of stainless-steel appliances in a contemporary kitchen.

Mint and peach in the living room

Want to break up living room boredom? Bring peach and mint together to create a look that is surprising and pleasant by painting an accent wall peach and using mint for the remaining walls. The sweet and subtle combination will make your living room warm and welcoming, and the unexpected color combination is sure to garner plenty of attention.

Mint and peach in the bathroom

Create a spa-like feeling in the bathroom with peach and mint. Both colors exude an appealing warmth that promotes an atmosphere of peacefulness and serenity. Paint walls mint and use peach to dress up a bathroom vanity or shelves.

Mint and peach in the bedroom

Drift off to dreamland surrounded by the soothing shades of mint and peach walls and accents. Peach and mint are dreamy and romantic when paired with lacy curtains and a white bed comforter and accent pillows. The appealing color combination will be right at home in both a master suite and a child's bedroom.

Mint and peach in the home office

Banish the workday blues by giving your home office a delightful upgrade. Choose either peach or mint for walls and use the other color to spruce up your home office bookcases, shelves, and desk chair. The soft and airy colors are sure to give you new inspiration as you go about your work tasks.

Adding pastels like mint and peach to your home's interior can bring a refreshing change to the atmosphere of any room. The sweet and subtle hues will add warmth to your home and work as well in the kitchen as they do in a bedroom or home office. Once you select the shades of mint and peach you like best, all you need to do is sit back and watch the amazing transformation take place while a paint company, such as JPS Painting, does all the work.