Three Types Of Exterior Painters And What They Will Do For You

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Three Types Of Exterior Painters And What They Will Do For You

9 November 2019
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When you think of exterior painters, there is a good chance that you are only thinking of professional painters that paint houses. While this is certainly an accurate picture, you should also consider a couple of other options for exterior painting. These other types of painters are just as capable of painting the exterior of any building or home, although their approaches are quite different. Here are three types of painters willing to paint the exterior of your home or building, and what they will do for you. 

1.  Straight Professional Painting

These are the exterior painters that will paint your whole home or building a single color. They generally stick to the basic colors that are commonly seen on these structures in your neighborhood, which includes white, brown, tan, beige, blue, yellow, gray, and cream. They can also paint a house or brick building a very unusual color, but only if they can find an exterior paint that will work. 

2.  Muralists

Muralists are frequently hired to paint the sides of commercial buildings. However, on occasion, they can be hired to paint the sides of houses with their artistic creations. If city ordinances permit, you can hire a muralist to paint the side of your house as well.

Usually, painting a mural on a brick wall or on the side of a commercial building is rarely a problem with city ordinances, so paint away. Just be careful about chosen images. 

3.  "Street Artists" or Graffiti Artists

Not many people would consider hiring a street artist (a.k.a., graffiti artist) to paint the side of their house or building. However, with street art growing in acceptance and popularity, this may just be the type of exterior painter you want to hire. There is only one caveat to hiring a street artist, and that is that you have to let him/her create a unique image just for you.

There are no rules as to what the street artist should paint, although you can request that no vulgarity or indecent figures or culturally insensitive images be painted on your house or building. If you love the idea of turning a street artist loose on your house or building, then you just have to find one with some good work and credibility. Try looking for such an artist at a street fair or music festival that promotes street art and the artists that do it.