Cozy Coral: How To Use Its Welcoming Hues In Your Home

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Cozy Coral: How To Use Its Welcoming Hues In Your Home

11 October 2019
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Coral color is getting a lot of attention in home interior design, and for good reason. Coral warms up everything it touches, which makes it the paint color to go to if you want to bring a welcoming and cozy atmosphere to your living space. Coral is both calming and cheerful and will bring joy and optimism to any room of your home.

Coral in the Kitchen

If you want a color that will make every day feel like spring, look no future than coral when painting interior kitchen walls. Combined with white cabinets and trim, coral will brighten up any kitchen and is especially a good choice if your kitchen doesn't have a lot of natural light. If you prefer just a pop of color, paint one wall coral and the remaining walls white.

Add a splash of contrast to a coral kitchen by choosing small appliances in teal. Light and pastel shades of yellow play well with coral. Accent your kitchen table with yellow place mats and napkins. Don't rule out using navy blue for accents if you prefer deeper shades of color.

Coral in the Home Office

There's no reason not to turn to coral when you want a new look for your home office. With their energizing look, coral walls will make your office a cheerful place to work and is a refreshing break from the typical dreary colors often found in office environments.

When you are choosing furniture for a coral office, gray desks and bookcases will give your office a touch of sophistication. Black furniture will provide a dramatic contrast. If you love the shabby chic or cottage look, choose off-white furniture to enhance your coral walls.

Coral in the Living Room

If you're hesitant to paint your interior living room coral because you think it may be too overwhelming, think again. When used with the right furnishings and accent pieces, a coral living room is sure to be the envy of all your friends. It's a spirited hue that will bring a fun and welcoming change to your main living area.

Choose a navy and white striped sofa and use white accent chairs if you want a room that commands attention. For a softer look, select a white or beige sofa and teal chairs.

Inviting coral into your home will be a decision you won't regret. You will be captivated by coral's warm, friendly, and cheerful hues. It will fill your residence with coziness and energy any season of the year. contact a residential painting service today to learn more.