3 Ideas For Interior Painting

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After we moved into our first home, we realized that the color that was on the walls had to go. Although we had initially thought that it was a beige color, the more we looked at it, the more we realized that it had heavy pink undertones. We decided to paint over the color, but we weren't sure how to get started. However, after working with a painter, we had a better idea of what would look nice. He was kind enough to paint a few large patches of color on the walls of our home, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about working with a professional painter and choosing the right color for your home.


3 Ideas For Interior Painting

25 January 2019
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A fresh coat of paint can quickly turn any room from dull to exciting. Making the decision on what color scheme to choose is often the hardest part. Looking toward trends and color theory can help you settle on the right choice for any room.

Set The Tone

The easiest way to ruin a room is to choose colors that do not make sense with the overall tone of the room. For example, bright, fun colors may be your favorite, but they do not make sense in your home office or bedroom. Generally, any area that should be more calm will benefit from color choices that are soft or neutral. Vibrant colors can work well in a kitchen, or an area that may be dedicated to entertainment. If you choose more vibrant colors, you will need to consider what they look like on a larger scale. A small paint sample is not enough to gain a true sense of these colors; once they are placed on a large wall, you will quickly find they are more vivid than you previously thought, especially in direct lighting.

Go Monochromatic

Monochromatic colors are a good way to take a single color and add variation. In many situations, this color scheme looks elegant. For example, you may like purple and would like your living room to be painted in this color. A good base color might be lavender, and a deep purple could be used for accent colors. You can use furniture or appliances for inspiration when choosing a monochromatic look. Many kitchens have granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, which naturally lends itself to grays and silver. Similarly, wood floors and furniture will be complemented with beige, tan, and dark browns.

Frame Different Areas

Creating an element of framing with color is one way to add more contrast to your room and incorporate bolder color choices. There may be different areas in your home that work as natural framing. For example, the trim around windows or the base of walls can be highlighted instead of painting it the same color as the walls, especially if the trim is custom-made. You may have chosen a light tan for the walls of your living room to complement the hardwood floors. A medium-to-rich brown painted on the trim could make the transition between the wall and floor more elegant and allow the trim to pop.

Your paint choices can easily affect the mood of any room in your home. When you are ready for a fresh coat of paint, consider ways your color choices can revitalize your home, and contact your local painting services to make your new color ideas become a reality.