Freshen Your Home Up For The New Year

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Freshen Your Home Up For The New Year

7 December 2018
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A new year always inspires people to make changes in their lives. If you're looking for a New Year's improvement that you can actually commit to, maybe it's time to give up the New Year's fitness and diet frustration, and instead, put your time and money into making some improvements around the home. Here, you'll find a few ideas that could spark some excitement as the New Year rolls in.

Fresh Paint

How long has it been since you've had the interior of your home repainted? Are you tired of the same white walls in every room of the house? Would you like to add some color but are intimidated by the idea of actually slapping that color on the walls? The good thing about paint is that it can be redone!

Fresh paint will make a significant impact on how your home looks, and it can be done pretty quickly if you hire a good painting company like Kendys Painting Inc. If you were to attempt to take this project on by yourself, you could find your home half-finished—after all, how long did last year's New Year's resolution last before you called it quits?

Update the Floors

If the carpeting is looking dated, it's time to update it, but do you want to stick with carpeting, or do you want to go with some kind of hard flooring, like laminate, wood, or vinyl? If you hate the idea of scrubbing your carpet every so often, get rid of it! Hard floors are much easier to take care of, don't trap odors like carpeting, and will not contribute to allergies as much as carpeting.

So, do you do the floors or the paint first? Well, if you're doing the painting yourself, put the floors in last, but if you're changing from carpeting to a hard floor, you will want to remove the carpeting before you paint. If you paint with the carpeting in place and then rip the carpeting out, there are two problems you could face: you could scratch the fresh paint on the walls, or you could find a couple of inches of unpainted wall where the carpeting had covered it.

For the best results and the least frustrations, talk with your local painting contractor to get a quote and some ideas about the colors and types of paint that will work well to give your home a new look for the New Year.