Are You Opening A BBQ Restaurant With A Texas Theme?

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Are You Opening A BBQ Restaurant With A Texas Theme?

23 October 2018
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Do you live in a small town that has not had a barbecue restaurant in the past? If so, the residents of your community will more than likely be thrilled to have a place where they can go for a casual barbecue dinner. Perhaps you live in a city that does have barbecue restaurants, but not a single one of them offers Texas-style barbecue that you grew up with when you were a resident of the Lone Star state. 

Part of the fun for you is more than likely choosing the decor for your Texas-themed restaurant. From choosing the paint for your walls to choosing the furniture, here are some ideas that might help you to design an attractive place where your customers can eat the best barbecue outside of the state of Texas.

The Wall Paint - Since you're establishing a Texas mood for your barbecue restaurant, think of having fun with the paint design for your walls. For example, choose red, white, and blue paint to represent the colors of the Texas flag, and have the painters stencil big gold stars in strategic places on the walls. Another idea is to have the commercial painters faux paint the walls to look like leather or like old brick or weathered wood. Another idea is to have the painters stencil clever sayings on the walls.

For example, a statement like Home On The Range Means Texas! of If You Can't Be In Texas, At Least Eat Like A Texan! Whether it's for the regular wall paint or for paint that you use in the stencils, the paint business representative will be happy to recommend paint that is durable, and that is easy to clean. 

The Furniture - If you want a rustic look in your barbecue restaurant, consider buying wooden furniture. Look for furniture that has wrought iron as part of the design, especially wrought iron stars. For something more contemporary, consider using metal furniture. Another idea is to use both rustic wood and metal. For example, you could buy wooden tables and then choose metal chairs to use with them.

Consider having Texas rocking chairs in the waiting area, along with long wooden benches. Think of having chair and bench cushions with a cow-hide design.  Another idea would be to select either leather or denim for the chair and bench cushions. If you select denim, consider adding choosing red denim, just to add additional interest to the furniture. 

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