Selling Your Home? Paint Your Outside Walls

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After we moved into our first home, we realized that the color that was on the walls had to go. Although we had initially thought that it was a beige color, the more we looked at it, the more we realized that it had heavy pink undertones. We decided to paint over the color, but we weren't sure how to get started. However, after working with a painter, we had a better idea of what would look nice. He was kind enough to paint a few large patches of color on the walls of our home, and it made a huge difference. This blog is all about working with a professional painter and choosing the right color for your home.


Selling Your Home? Paint Your Outside Walls

22 May 2018
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If you are making improvements to a property that you own, you should think of them as longterm investments. Smartly planned and well executed home upgrades will make your property more valuable without hurting your wallet. If you are looking for a project that is affordable and cost effective, you can't go wrong with painting the outside walls of your home. Obviously, the difficulty of this depends on what your walls are made out of and the size of the building, but it is still one of the cheapest and most manageable projects.

Exterior Painting is Cheap

Exterior painting is affordable because the paint and labor is relatively cheap. If you are ambitious and capable, it is also possible to do your own painting. But, painting on the exterior is is usually more complicated and exhausting than people expected to be.

Choosing a Smart Color

If you have an eye on selling your home soon, and you are just repainting it in order to give it a facelift, you need to be strategic about the color you choose. That is, if there are no homeowners association rules or laws that prevent you from painting your walls it a certain color, you still want to think about what color is going to be the most pleasing to the biggest majority of potential buyers. So, choose a color that will differentiate your home from others on the street. But, don't pick something that is going to be too bold and bright. For example, you definitely don't want something that the buyer will want to immediately paint over.

The Cost of Repainting and Prep Work

It is important to realize that some homes are going to be much more expensive to repaint and others. The biggest expensive could come from the prep work. If your walls have extensive damage, like holes, stucco and grout falling out, loose siding, or warping, then they will require a lot of patching and prep work. Even though this going to cost more, it is absolutely necessary that your exterior walls are patched and repainted, particularly if you are going to sell your home. You can't just paint over these damaged spots.

Ultimately, if you are going to remodel your property, an exterior paint job is a great place to start. It will inform the overall style of your property, and influence other design decisions you make down the line. Contact a service, like Fresh  Home Painting, for more help.