Custom Carpentry Ideas For A Child's Room

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Custom Carpentry Ideas For A Child's Room

29 July 2017
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Whether your children have smaller bedrooms or you simply want to create a new look in their rooms, custom carpentry can provide a vast array of options to give your children a fun, yet functional area of the home. Use these ideas as inspiration, and choose the ones that work best for their bedrooms:

Loft Storage

Loft storage is a great option for a smaller bedroom, as it lets you use the vertical space in the room. For this idea, your carpenter can build a structure that features shelves at the top with open space on the bottom. This open space can be used for a play area, or you can transform the area into a study center complete with a student desk. If you need additional sleeping space in the bedroom, consider having a custom bunk bed created with storage above and a cozy bed below.

Custom Play House

If your children love make-believe, consider having a custom play house built. Use a corner of the room for this idea, and use the wall and floor space surrounding it to create the illusion of an outdoor space. For example, you can use tree vinyl decals on the walls next to the play house and built a picket fence to surround it. The facade can be customized to suit your children's preferences, whether they want a log cabin or a princess' castle. On the inside, be sure to add a table for tea parties and shelves for toy storage or decorating. You can have the house professionally painted, or you can make the finishing touches a family project by having your little ones help paint it.

Toy Storage Wall

Finding room for all of your children's toys can be a challenge, and sometimes a typical toy box just isn't enough. Instead, consider building a custom toy storage area on the wall of the room. This area can be a mix of shelves and drawers, which gives you room for clothing as well as toys. Use cloth bins on the shelves to organize smaller items, and display large toys and dolls on the shelves. Leave an open space in the center for a wall-mounted television, and add cabinets below to store video gaming systems and a DVD player. Have your carpenter install recessed lighting at the top of the storage system for additional illumination in the room.

Work with your carpenter to create these ideas, or come up with custom carpentry ideas of your own to make each child's room a special place for them to enjoy. Contact a company like paintersplus for more information and assistance.