2 Creative Ways To Select An Interior Paint Color

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2 Creative Ways To Select An Interior Paint Color

2 December 2016
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When it comes to changing the appearance of your home, adding a new coat of paint to your interior walls can be an affordable option. Choosing from the many paint colors available on the market today can be challenging, and you may find yourself putting off a paint-update because you can't seem to decide on a single color.

Here are two creative methods that you can try to help you select an interior paint color with ease in the future.

1. Draw inspiration from a family vacation.

Spending time away from home on a family vacation can help you create memories with your loved ones. You can reflect back on a memorable vacation when you are trying to determine which color to paint your home's interior walls.

Look at pictures from a favorite vacation and take note of the color palette that you see in the photographs. If there was a room you enjoyed in a rented cabin or you find yourself feeling more tranquil when thinking about the color of the flowers planted outside a hotel, you can use the colors from these memories to help shape the atmosphere in your home.

Drawing inspiration from a family vacation can be a simple and creative way to help you narrow your paint-color options in the future.

2. Let history guide you.

Color preferences have evolved and changed throughout the years. If you find that you are having a hard time selecting the perfect color for your home's interior, let the period in which your home was constructed guide you to a viable choice.

Staying true to historical color palettes will allow you to maintain the charm and character of your older home. If your home was built during the Arts and Crafts period, then deep browns and rich greens can make great accent wall options. Victorian homes were often adorned with bright colors, so you can incorporate a bright color palette inside your home by selecting a brighter blue or yellow paint color.

Letting history guide you when making a decision regarding the paint color for your walls can eliminate stress and help you stay true to your home's historical roots.

By using a favorite family vacation or the historical period in which your home was built as guides to help you narrow your options when updating the paint color on your interior walls, you will be able to select a color that adds meaning and value to your home. Contact a company like A-1 J C Painting & Drywall Inc for more ideas.