Use Paint To Surprise Your Teen With An Updated Bedroom

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Use Paint To Surprise Your Teen With An Updated Bedroom

9 February 2016
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As your child gets older, their personal tastes have likely begun to change--especially when it comes to clothing, hobbies, or their personal space. Whether it is your teen's birthday or you simply want to surprise them with a gift, it's a good idea to consider the kind of impact a fresh coat of paint can add to their bedroom. 

Before getting started with painting by rushing off to a home improvement store or contacting a painting contractor for help, consider some of the following tips.

Include Some of Your Teen's Interests

An easy way to get started with the painting project is by considering what their interests are. Whether your teen is interested in sports, fashion, video games, or music, you should be able to incorporate their interests into the room in some way. For example, you can stencil shapes onto the walls or choose colors that match their clothing tastes or even their favorite sports team colors.

Consider Painting in a Unique Way

While a solid color is best suited for most areas in your home, the same may not be true when it comes to your teen's bedroom. To keep the room looking fresh and exciting, consider choosing a fun way to paint, such as bold stripes or accent walls with contrasting colors from the rest.

Make Sure the Colors Will Suit Your Teen as They Grow

Even if your teen is a big fan of bright colors, they may not be in a short period of time due to how fast children's interests often last. While it's a good idea to stick with colors that your teen likes, make sure that the color is versatile enough that it will continue to be a good choice as your teenager grows up.

Try to Include the Other Features in the Bedroom

When choosing the colors for the bedroom, it's a good idea to start by taking a good look at all of the other features in the room. From the computer desk to framed photos, these details can help point you towards colors that will work best for the bedroom and help tie the room together.

With how much of an impact paint can make in any room, painting your teen's bedroom can be an excellent gift your teen is sure to love. In order for the painting to be done right after you've chosen a color, make sure to look into hiring a painting contractor (such as Yu1 Painting Company).